Changing Perceptions at Schools and Universities

At ArtLords, we hold a firm belief that the youth represent not only the hope and architects of the future but are also pivotal influencers in the present. Recognizing their influential role within families and communities, ArtLords has initiated a series of workshops at universities in Kabul. These sessions focus on critical issues such as rights, democracy, and the impactful role of urban art in championing social causes. Our team has engaged closely with university students, equipping them with the skills to advocate and voice their perspectives through the powerful medium of art.

Our efforts are driven by the desire to foster an ongoing dialogue between ArtLords and the younger generation, enriching their understanding of art, advocacy, and democratic principles. We aim to absorb their fresh ideas and translate these into murals that reflect the students’ visions, thereby integrating art into the daily lives of ordinary citizens. This endeavor seeks not only to educate and inform the public but also to catalyze positive social transformation.

an image of a mural in afghanistan