Lets Talk Afghanistan

The Let’s Talk Campaign orchestrates inter-provincial visits, aimed at fostering a profound connection among millennials and Generation Z across diverse regions of the country. Through this initiative, young leaders, both male and female, from varied backgrounds, such as those from Helmand province, are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and daily life of Bamyan province for three days. This journey includes visits to significant historical sites like the Buddhas of Bamyan and Band-e-Amir, alongside exploring various locales within the province. Participants are offered a platform to engage with the youth of Bamyan, exchanging stories of their hardships, aspirations, and lived experiences.

The culmination of this three-day immersive experience, filled with both structured and spontaneous discussions, workshops, mural paintings, and music-filled evenings, aims to illuminate the shared challenges faced by young leaders from both provinces, including poverty, unemployment, and insecurity. The ultimate realization is their common ground, overshadowing any differences. This enlightening experience is not limited to a single exchange; it is part of a broader initiative that will see youth leaders from Kandahar visit Balkh and vice versa, alongside similar exchanges between Herat and Jalalabad, as well as Bamyan and Helmand. Through these interactions, the campaign aspires to weave a tapestry of understanding and unity among Afghanistan’s youth, spotlighting their shared struggles and aspirations.

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