Murals to End Polio in Afghanistan

Studies on knowledge and attitudes concerning polio in Afghanistan have unveiled that while caregivers are generally aware of polio as a disease, they often underestimate its severity and the urgency it poses as a public health crisis. Contrastingly, the global community is deeply committed to eradicating polio, especially from the two remaining endemic countries: Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, polio continues to be a significant threat to children’s health, largely due to insufficient awareness, particularly in rural areas, where there’s substantial resistance against vaccinating children against polio. Recognizing the critical nature of this issue, ArtLords has undertaken a significant initiative, creating dozens of murals in strategic locations across Kabul city and in the rural districts of various provinces. These murals aim to educate and raise awareness about the importance of polio vaccination, thereby supporting the global and local efforts to eradicate this debilitating disease.

murals to end polio